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We have the best evaluation process of forex funding

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Get a funded forex trading account, go through the evaluation process and become an expert trader. All the process of learning is done with no risk and possibility of a high return once you prove your value as a trader. We cover the losses in all the process. In FMS we make Funding simple. Join one of the best forex funding programs!

In FMS we are searching for passionate and experienced traders. We offer traders with great skills the opportunity to trade our funds and  retain 80% of the profits made from trading. Earn as a professional!

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Learn forex trading and become a skilled funded trader

You will trade up to 1.000.000 dollars. First of all, to ascertain that you are a trader as skilled as you represent, you are required to pass a 2-stage evaluation process. You will be provided with a demo account with virtual funds to trade financial instruments.


Stage 1 complete the challenge by making 10%


Stage 2 complete the evaluation by making 5%


Stage 3 You are now a funded trader and keep 80% of all the profit you make


Stage 4 Scale your account up to $1,000,000 or choose bi weekly payouts

Complete these 2 stages without violating any of the conditions and confirm your trader’s skill. You will become an FMS-funded trader. Then you will be able to earn a commission on all profits made from trades.  

To get started, you simply need to hit the “Start Challenge” button and create a user account (or log in if you already have an  account). Then select from the available account packages and click  on “Buy Package” at the bottom to purchase it and commence with your evaluation.

Funding guide

Choose the plan that best fits your goals and wallet. Our forex funding programs are designed to get you proved as a professional trader independently of the plan that you choose. In case you have any doubts please don’t hesitate to contact our team. Decide which one is better for you and rule the challenge!


Forex trading reviews by our traders

Who has passed the forex training courses and has become an FMS funded trader says that…


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keep up to 80% profit

Are you ready to start your journey now?

Why Us

Join us. Our aim is to make funding simple. We want you to make your best learning and trading. That’s why we are sure we offer you the best conditions of funded trading accounts.

Customer Support

Our support team is available by email and live chat 24/5


At FMS we cover all losses for our Trader’s


FMS Traders are allowed to trade the following markets. Forex, Commodities, Indies and Crypto with no restrictions

Payment & Withdraws

We will offer the following payment methods, Crypto, Mastercard, Visa


All accounts offer 1:100 leverage on forex pairs, Gold & Commodities 1:40, Indices 1:30, Crypto 1:2


FMS Funded Traders will receive a full purchase amount refund upon completing a month as a profitable trader


Traders are allowed to hold trades over the weekend

Scaling Plan

Once a funded account reaches 10% we will double your account size until you become an Elite FMS 7 Figure Trader


Forex trading is when you buy or sell a currency pair

Forex trading platforms are needed in order to be able to take trades in the markets

You need to consider the number of stages to pass. The profit that you keep once you’re funded, and the payment conditions. One of the best trading programs regarding these is FMS traders

A funded trader program gives the trader the opportunity to manage larger amounts of capital

FMS Traders is the best forex funding program due to there keeping funding made simple and easy access to be able to have 1,000,000 dollars under management

A funded forex account is when you are trading a firms capital risk

In order to get a funded forex trading account you will have to pass an evaluation process to see if you are a skill trader to manage a funded account

In order to get funded to trade first you have to choose a company who funds traders. Then you have to pass an evaluation process.  funded capital in the markets risk free. Make sure the effort is worth it and you’ll keep almost all the profits. In FMS we offer you an 80% of your profits!

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Trade With Us

We work with Metatrader4. Easy and simple. It has clear interfaces and all the information you need to learn, trade and make huge profits.

Easy ways to pay

Pay and get your funding accountYou have 4 different options to pay.

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